Monday, May 24, 2010

Meeting Bloggy Friends

Cool bloggy experience this weekend! We were at church and a young couple came in with their two cute little very blond little boys. That in itself is unusual of course. They were pretty late, so we assumed, rightly, that they had been lost. Our church is kind of hidden in a small neighborhood and a little hard to find. Like you don't find it unless you are really meant to.

After the meeting baby and I went up to meet them and she was in a hurry to check out the boys books. Of course she was eying them as soon as they got them out. The wife told me they were visiting from the U.S. and were thinking on moving to CR.

They are staying in Atenas, which I think is a beautiful place. We drive through there when we are going to the beach. It also is reported by National Geographic to have the most ideal climate in the world.

She shared with me that they had been feeling a draw for quite awhile to move to CR.

A few minutes later we were speaking with her husband and he told me that he had read my blog and written me a few months ago. I remembered his letter and it was so cool to actually meet someone I had only met online.

When I read other blogs by people in the U.S I am jealous that they get to meet each other. Now I have my first meeting with someone I met through my blog. It was really cool and my first thought was I did not have to worry about what they thought about me, they read my blog so therefore pretty much know my whole life story, at least the part I would tell people.

It is always fun to meet and talk with people who are considering relocating to Costa Rica. Of course I am very biased and love it here, so maybe I should find one of my friends who has gone back to the U.S. and have them talk to them. That way they would get a more objective response.

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