Saturday, May 8, 2010


I hate watching t.v. I have nothing to read. I can only computer so much. So I have a new hobby. I have been knitting like a crazy woman. I really enjoy having an excuse to sit, and actually accomplish something while I am sitting, yeah maybe a tad bit type A.

As you can see these two fellas refuse to let me sit alone. They get as excited when I sit to knit as they do when we get the leashes out for their walk! I have trained them that they each get to sit on one side of me, that way they don't fight.

If I do not have knitting they will fight over who is going to sit on my lap. We finally get rid of all the babies and we end up with these two brats. They are so funny and so different.

In this picture I am knitting a pink scarf for a friend of mine. She just got well from pneumonia so I thought she should be covering her face when she goes out in the cold evenings. I used to laugh at the folks here in Costa Rica when I saw them in scarfs.

That is until I caught a horrible five month bronchial infection. After that I became a firm believer in covering my mouth if I go out in the evening and it is cold and damp. That damp cold here just goes right into your body.

I just hope she has been here long enough to be a believer in the scarf theory.

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