Monday, August 17, 2009


Woo hoo! Today Rebekah and I finished our second to the last long run of our training. We have a 20 miler next week and then it is taper time. Man I just love the sound of that, taper time, taper time, taper time!

It was a most beautiful day for a long run here in the mountains. We had about 75 degrees taking off and about 85 with lots of humidity by the time we got done. It was beautiful. The one problem we have had with training in the mountains is we have not had heat training.

It just does not get hot here like the beach, so that will be our biggest challenge. Not to mention the feet, chub rub, and knee. The typical aches and pains of a marathon. The bad part is we have not signed up and paid our fee. It is really expensive and we are saving our colones to sign up.

We also wanted to make sure neither one of us got injured or pregnant. I am sure you can guess who was worried about which :)

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