Friday, August 14, 2009


O.K. I think this shirt is about on it's last thread. But the problem is that I love this shirt. I have had it obviously a very long time and it works great for running. The biggest problem is the funny tan lines I get when I run in it. But it is very well air conditioned and keeps my shoulders covered.

I guess since I have reached my goal I could reward myself with some new running clothes. The only problem with this is the fact that when you wear fancy, smancy running clothes people actually expect you to run like, fast.

It was like when I did triathlons. I had a really nice bike that I had traded for with massages. Well when I would show up for a race people would take a look at my bike and think I was actually going to be the "competition". Ha, ha, ha, they quickly discovered differently once the swim began.

Anyway I am already self-conscious about running in my "runner watch". I read once that the only difference between a runner and a jogger is the watch. But I really am more of a jogger, and believe me it takes a really long time to jog a marathon! I would say I have it on the really fast, and kind of fast people when it comes to endurance. I can run all day. I have to to finish the race because I am so freakin slow. But I am doing it and having fun, most of the way, and staying healthy.

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