Tuesday, August 11, 2009


When we moved to Costa Rica almost three years ago, they did not really celebrate Halloween. Last year they had parties everywhere. We had pretty much decided not to bother with it and then felt bad because all the people around us were celebrating. This year we will be prepared.

I know it is only August, but this is the time to prepare for a really good bash. We don't like the candy here, but we do like a party, so we will get things ready ahead of time.

Two years ago we all dressed up, even the adults and had our party here. I was, of course a witch, and the kids still remember that. I was looking online and found this cool site with adult Halloween costumes I really liked the Wizard of Oz ones. We have the perfect dog to be Todo and could just dress up the whole family.

One of these days I will be prepared and not have to be a witch or a gypsie, which is usually the last minute preps. And of course the baby has to be a princess wearing her nightgown and putting her hair up!

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