Friday, August 21, 2009


Today was bug day at Maleahs' school. Yesterday we helped her find a mommy worm, a baby worm and a cricket to take in her jar to school. She came home grossed out because some of the kids had brought cockroaches. That is pretty gross.

Also since we brought her to school a couple of weeks ago, when there was no school, and she had to hang out with another class. They now have labeled us the retarded family and she gets special notes just for us. In her notebook it said they got out a half hour early today, her teacher sent a special note home with her in her uniform pocket telling us once again that she got out early today. Then when we got outside she told us "Mom I get out tomorrow at 10:00" and held up her hands to show me! Ok I don't speak Spanish too well, but I really am not retarded.

Her teacher did seem relieved to see us when we picked her up at 10:00.

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