Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I am a little jealous. Actually a lot jealous. Last night baby was sleeping with us in our bed, she's only five :) In the middle of the night she started sleep talking, which is not abnormal for her. The difference? She was talking in her sleep in Spanish! We were so shocked we both woke up and started laughing. I think that means she is thinking in Spanish and pretty much has it down.

Today I was reading a blog this guy wrote about how easy it is to learn Spanish. We have lived in Costa Rica for almost three years and I understand Spanish really well. I can usually tell what is going on, sometimes takes me a couple of minutes but I get it.

Sometimes I think people think I am slow or something because I have not learned to speak in Spanish yet. They don't realize how my brain works. It does not work without touching things. I am a massage therapist, not a linguist. Not that I can't talk, I just need to feel things to learn them.

I would be curious to see how long it takes this guy to learn Spanish!

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