Monday, August 3, 2009


O.K. just when I think my kids have come up with everything one of them gets me. I never saw this one comming as my daughter never said anything about it. She had mentioned that she thought the moms that did it were champs, but other than that she never said a word about wanting to be a surrogate mom.

About two weeks ago she told me that she had been in contact via email with a couple in Austria about being their surrogate. My first response was no way you can't do this. I was of course thinking of all the ways she could get hurt or ripped off, etc.

Once we talked more about it and I saw where she was comming from I felt a little better. Since I have a friend considering surrogacy I was especially excited for her, once I got over the shock. Most people just respond by telling her she is crazy.

I think it is a nice way to make money and help out a couple that have been trying to have a baby for eight years with no success. We will see how it goes and definately keep you posted on the progress. She is hoping to be p.g. by Oct. so it will be as soon as we finish our marathon!

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Book Lover Lisa said...

I've thought about it myself in the past, since I have such an easy time with pregnancy and childbirth. Of course now that I am single, I'd prefer not to be pregnant. I hope things work out well for her.