Wednesday, August 19, 2009


There is a saying that if anything can go wrong it will. Well in the case of marathon training that is true for sure. I have been very careful not to get injured an been very conscientious about stretching and staying loose.

A few years I developed a neuroma, or as it is known on the bottom of the foot is called a "mortons neuroma". It feels like running on a hot iron on the ball of the foot. Painful! I did not think I would be able to do our 18 miler on Monday, but it loosened up and I was able to limp through it.

The problem with limping through a run is the sore muscles that are not used to limping. The compensation is not always worth it, and I sure felt it on my five miler today. My opposite leg was so sore and the bottom of the affected foot was so sore from running on the outside of it.

The good part was by the end of the run I was feeling strong and well. It is great when a five miler actually feels good. We are actually starting to get our act together on this marathon. It has been a fun journey for this one for sure and can't wait to run the race. Tamarindo Marathon here we come !!!!!

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