Wednesday, August 12, 2009


The President of Costa Rica is the latest victim of the porky flu as my kids call it. He evidently caught it on his big adventure on the new train from Heredia to San Jose. Really makes me want to try out the new train ha?

Our family has been going through something, not sure it is the real thing or another fake flu. I just know baby and hubby never get sick and they got hit the hardest with this one. All week on the couch and sleeping.

I guesss baby has not missed too much in pre-kinder, just lots more coloring and cutting, hope that does not mess her up too bad. The only thing she says she misses is her friends, normal.

So much for our lymph drainage. Oh wait we did not practice it on them, that is why they got sick, they did not get their lymph massage!

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