Tuesday, August 18, 2009


When you are done with a long day of unschooling, including doing a math section, a section of history, and practicing the song you have been working on singing with your brother what can you do? I mean what is a bored unschooler to do with the rest of her day? Or at least the rest until she is allowed out of the house to play, or in her case to see her boyfriend?

I have it, let's make the dog look ridiculous! Since the baby didn't do a good enough job of it when she took the paper scizzors to his fur and left little hunks gone all over him, I will try. Well I think she did a pretty good job of it! He looks ridiculous.

When we lived in Missouri we had to keep track of our homeschool hours with the kids. We were required to complete 1,000 hours a year with 600 hours in the five basics. You would be amazed what you can fit any day to day activity under.

For example Rascals haircut would definately fit under "job training". My daughter is trying to find out of dog grooming is for her. Well we ruled that one out for sure! Can't imagine what she will rule out tomorrow.

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