Friday, August 28, 2009


I have to say that most of our experiences with taxi drivers have been very positive here. In fact we have quite a few funny "pick-up" stories about taxi drivers. One time when we were in Nicaragua a cute young guy gave us a good deal on the long ride to the beach town of San Jaun del Sur. We got in the car, the girls in the back and hubby in the front. As soon as we got in he adjusted his mirrors so that he could see the gorgeous teenager in his rearview mirror the whole two hours there. But he did make one stop in town to buy a new cd, an English love song cd! It was freakin' hilarious.

The other funny one was when the old toothless guy picked us up. I was in the backseat this time and he kept looking in the rearview at me. He asked my daughter how long we had lived in Costa Rica and how our Spanish was. He told her that if her Mama had a Tico boyfriend she would learn Spanish really quickly. I may not speak good Spanish, but I understand it, hello! As he kept talking and looking I asked my daughter if we should get out of the car. She said "no I think I'm good, but you may want to get out anytime now." Funny.

Tonight we went to the mall to meet the tall one and have some ice cream. We got in the taxi van to head home. Now we all take taxis together all the time. They do sometimes tell us no if there are all five of us, insisting they only take four at a time. In that case we usually just find another driver who will take us. We thought good tonight because we got the taxi van. A little more expensive because of the extra gas, but no hassles. Boy were we wrong. He started in right away talking to my daughters boyfriend about how they charge more when there are more than four people. Lie number one. Then he kept talking about it all the way up to the house. The meter read 1900 when we got home. Tall one went to hand him a 2000 bill and he said no it was 2800, because of the extra person. We said no we only pay what is on the meter. He started giving us crap and hubby came out of the house, that was when he sped off and threw the 2000 out the window, cool free ride!

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Rebekah Inestroza said...

What a wussy!!! I almost got hit on my run the other day because this person driving thought it was clever to park right where I was running! I had my car keys and considering going back and keying his car LOL