Monday, February 15, 2010

Blasted Batteries

Does anyone else go through a small fortune in batteries for their camera? I think it may just be me with two teenagers, and myself who loves to take pics for this blog, and FB. At any rate I will have to wait until tomorrow to post pics of my new beads in my dreads! Love them!

We received a great late Christmas box from my son in Texas. I will not tell him it cost $28.00 for us to pay to ship it from the U.S, don't want to make him feel bad. We were just too thrilled to receive it!


Marmee said...

This is why I always buy camera's that have rechargable batteries. That is the first thing I look at!

Rebekah Inestroza said...

This must be why you have not posted pics of Maleah in her cute 1st grader uniform. Waiting.....waiting.....waiting.....:)