Monday, February 1, 2010

Sweet Sixteen and Puppy Dogs

This is a sad commentary on our school room! They look pretty darn bored ha? Can you imagine how bored the girlies are? Actually the dogs love hanging out in the school room every day. It is the warmest best place to be in the house. Actually it is a built in room at the front of the house, but it has a clear roof and sides so the sun can come in but no rain or wind. It is a family favorite.

Yesterday was Sweet Sixteen for our lovely teen. She had a great day and even better today she got to get the chip for her phone and is on again. The one problem is when you live in a concrete house reception is not good, no matter if you have the latest chip or not. The problem with having only one provider, think MaBell, is that there is no competition. We are supposed to be getting two more companies in the next couple of months, will be interesting to see if they are any better than ICE.

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