Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Day in the Park

Wow what a day! I would liken today to a full training day, actually much more tiring. We started off by hitting the pool. I went early and swam my workout and then the girlies joined me. I was able to snag a kick board and baby took off on that thing. She is pretty much swimming now and I think she is going to be our little fish.

After a couple of hours playing at the pool we headed over to Parque Central to chase pigeons for awhile. It is right in the center of Heredia and is the place to hang out. Also the pigeons are a blast for the kids to chase.
Benjie has decided the pigeons can be a little aggressive so he prefers to watch from the sidelines. Now he looks like one of the old pervs at the parque watching the kids.

This man makes the best icees in town! He begins by shaving the ice, then layers it with the milk powder and then tops it with the sweetened condensed milk and sarsa flavoring. They are so good, kind of like a root beer float.

Here you can see the finished product. Looks pretty darn good ha? Well maybe not to all of you that are dealing with snow right now.

Here is the true face of appreciation for a icee well made!

And here is one tired out baby! This dude is just plain tuckered out.

After the park met up with the guys who had been having their pool tournament. They were all ready to head to the Lebanese guy for some Swarma sandwiches. Nothing better than this guys swarma sandwiches, except maybe his falafel sandwiches. A great day, now we will make some brownies and hunker down to watch the Biggest Loser :)


Marmee said...

Oh, how I would love a good shwarma right now!! ;o) All I can get in the states is a Gyro, and they are close but not the same! (Did you know I lived in Saudi for 4.5 years? Shwarma's, Falafel and baklava were part of our weekly shopping ritual!)

Roblynn and Rebekah said...

Marmee I did not know you lived in Saudi. I love, love, love falafel. We actually used to eat it on tacos and everything. I can't find it here alone, we just find it at the Lebanese guy. He is great! There really are not very many ethnic resturaunts here so we apprecitate the ones we can find.