Tuesday, February 16, 2010

So Different

We survived the first couple of days of school. I do have to admit to a slight "mommy melt-down" the first day, but other than that we survived. I would have been fine had baby not started crying. That does not happen often and puts me right where she wants me, under the rug. I firmly told her I would return in a couple of hours and left to go for my run. I spent three miles running and crying, which is very dangerous here, and went home to scream at hubby for awhile. I very crazy lady like explained to him why it was his fault and blah, blah, blah.

By the time it was time to go pick her up I had the whole family there to go pick her up with me and see the "awful conditions" I had left a crying baby in. We get there and she comes out with a huge smile on her face, running and playing with her friends. I had also complained because her teacher did not have on a matching polo like the other teachers. Well come to find out she is pg. so wears her own clothes. I asked baby on the way home why she was crying, she said that she thought all of her friends from last year would be in her class, not just three of them!

You would think I have had all the lessons life has to throw at moms, but they just keep coming. I guess when you sign up for seven you are going to get lots of lessons, like seven times seventy or something like that.

I do have to say the schools here are sadly lacking. They were old military barracks, converted to schools when they threw out the military. I told hubby if they spent the same amount of money on their military that they spend on their schools it is a good thing they got rid of them! They were probably useless anyway.

The desks are mismatched and falling apart. No playground equipment. And the building looks like a nightmare. Also they have to take all their own supplies to and from school everyday in their back pack. Now I understand why the parents carry the backpacks, those suckers are heavy.

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