Saturday, February 6, 2010

Loco Costa Rica

There are a few things you never do in Costa Rica. One would be going into downtown San Jose after 10:00 at night. Another thing would be talking on your cell phone while you are breaking rule number one. Another no no would be walking along. And the last one? When someone pulls up on a moto and puts a gun into your face-running! Yup my kid did all of the above. I don't know if he thought they would just ride off into the sunset, but they did not. Nope, they chased him down and yelled at him to give them his cell phone. He was right in front of his friends house, thank goodness or he may have lost his shoes, shirt and pants!

By the time he made his way home, after borrowing bus money from his friend, he was pretty shook up. Of course we just keep looking at him and telling him how lucky he is to be alive and how stupid he was to run.

You may be wondering if he had a really nice expensive cell phone by the way? No it was about a three year old dinosaur that cost less than any other cell on the market! I told him he was lucky they did not shoot him once they saw what the fuss was over. Seriously though I think this has about convinced him to try his luck at finding a job back in the U.S.

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