Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Today we went to talk to our neighbor lady about ordering some uniforms for baby. She took all the skinny measurements and asked exactly what we wanted. We ordered a pleated skirt as well as a pair of pants. She already has one pleated skirt and two button up white blouses. So we will have four shirts and three bottoms. While we were there we also added on a couple of princess dresses for Easter. We went from Snow White to Cinderella, and ended up with Arial! The one with the dress, not the sea shells :)

She is going to have all that done by Sunday. We have seen her work and it is excellent. WE will probably end up paying less than the store and we will get some pants that actually fit skinny girl and don't have to be belted or gathered. The skirt that she has now we have to tighten her belt pretty tight to keep it up.

I will post pics when we get them done. Most of the older ladies here sew and you can get anything done or fixed for a very reasonable rate. Teenager is taking some skirts over to get them adjusted and get a zipper fixed. They don't just get rid of their clothes here when they get a problem, they make it work and wear it out!

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