Thursday, February 25, 2010


It is hard to believe that it can be so dang hot one day and cloudy and rainy the next day. Today was cloudy right from the start, which is very rare here. Usually we have some sun for a few hours even during rainy season. That is how you can tell this is not rainy season, but just a front moving through. I did not even go do my swim today. I tried that one cloudy day and about got hypothermia. Decided it was a good idea to wait until the next day when the sun would come out.

We have a student flying in this weekend from Alaska and she has to pass through NYC. I am checking and it looks like she may be spending some time there. Or maybe she will get really lucky and they will fly her straight from PHX, where she has a lay-over. At any rate we will be ready to start classes next week and I am pretty sure she will love the weather here, rain and all.

Today was the first time baby wore her pants to school. Somewhere in her young life she got the idea that girls only wear dresses. I never wear dresses, so not sure where she got that idea. She came straight home from school and changed into her most comfortable sun dress. Her jacket is still soaked, so we better get some more umbrellas!

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