Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Costa Rica Cops

I think I still suffer from "culture shock" even after three years. Last night we had a scare from teenage girl. She takes the dogs walking every evening with her best friend. They are supposed to be done by nine and she is supposed to be in the door by nine thirty. Nine thirty came and went and we were ready to head out the door to look for her. About nine forty five she comes running in the house with a paper. She said the police had given her a "paper". My heart about fell out and I thought she meant she had gotten a ticket.

Even though we have heard they do not deport and break up families here I still had a moment of panic when she came in and said that. I about screamed "what do you mean a paper?"

Once she calmed down and told us the whole story I just laughed and said "only in Costa Rica!" The story was she was coming home when she walked by a big gaggle of teenager boys sitting on the corner by our house. The police were there breaking them up and telling them to go home and stop congregating there. After she walked by they stopped her and started questioning her. They wanted to know her name, where she lived, how old she was, how long she has been here, and oh yeah do you have a boyfriend?

Then they wrote down their number and told her if she ever needed anything she could just call them! They did tell her they did not go out often, only when they wanted to meet up with the other cops and have a beer! O.K. see why I said "only in Costa Rica?" Now I have to be doubly worried about her, not only the bad guys but also the good guys.

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