Saturday, November 1, 2008


1. Get up 15 minutes earlier in the morning.
2. Prepare for the morning the evening before.
3. Don't rely on your memory.
4. Do nothing you have to lie about later.
5. Make copies of all your keys and hide them.
6. Practice preventive maintenance on all autos and mechanics.
7. Be prepared to wait.
8. Don't procastinate.
9. Plan ahead.
10. Don't put up with something that does not work right.
11. allow 15 minutes of extra time to get to appointments.
12. Eliminate or restrict the amount of caffeine you take in.
13. Always set up contigency plans, ie plan b, c, d.
14. Relax your standards.
15. Count your blessings.
16. Ask questions.
17. Say no.
18. Unplug the phone.
19. Make friends with non-worriers.
20. Simplify.

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