Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I wanted to follow up on yesterdays post with some great success stories that I know of personally. These people all inspire me and are my heros. I will try and get some pics from them so they can inspire you as well.

The first one is my friend Robin from Flagstaff. Robin and I were friends for about 6 years when we lived in Arizona. When we left there two years ago she had six kids and weighed over 200 lbs. She had always wanted to lose weight, but there was just never time with six little ones.

She told me that one day in Feb. last year she was talking with her brother in law on the phone. He ran a weight loss program and she was complaining about her weight. He challenged her to make a commitment to losing the weight. She said ok fine I will start tomorrow, I want to lose 50 lbs by June for the family reunion. She asked him not to tell anyone in the family so that she could surprise them.

The next day she bought an arobics cd and went to work. She tried to work for an hour every day. Of course at first it was near to impossible for her to work out that long because of the weight. As she kept with it the workout got longer and stronger. She also made drastic food changes. She is a great cook and continued cooking for her family. She just quite eating the junk.

She said she also quit eating anything after six in the evening, chewed lots of gum, and had no sugar. A lot of days she did her arobics at ten or eleven in the evening because that was the only time she had to do it.

By June she had actually lost 50 lb. and lost another 60 by Christmas. Is she still there. Yes! She does have to continue working on it and she has had some set backs, but she is staying healthy and taking care of herself.

Another example of a different goal set and reached is my mom. Mom went back to school a few years ago! She graduated with her Bachelors degree from NAU when she was 65 years old! She had tried to go to school many times during her time of raising 9 kids, but she was finally able to finish.

Lest you think she had plenty of time by this time, she was also taking care of my step dad who had cancer, my sister who has cancer and of course all the other kids and grandkids who stop by.

Like I said there are no excuses and I challenge all of you to give me one excuse for not doing something you really want to do. Try it, I dare you!

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