Monday, November 24, 2008


I decided that before I got into the Christmas Holidays I would finish up with Thanksgiving. That has been our tradition for years. We always try and give thanks before asking for more stuff.

We had the girls help us write a list of 100 things we were thankful for. It was quite easy and we just went on and on. I think they were surprised by how many things they had to be thankful for. Maleah began by saying Jesus and then she just started looking around the room naming everything she saw.

Today I am very thankful for my health. Last year at this time I was suffering from asthma from a bronchial infection that lasted for about 5 months. I learned a lot about asthma, inhalers, prednisone, and asthma control.

This year I have been symptom free and am anxiously training for some 5k's this summer, which is winter to all of you Northerners. And I will be training for the marathon coming up in June.

So here is saluds!

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