Wednesday, November 19, 2008


When we moved to Costa Rica I could not understand why all of the houses had those ugly tin roofs on them. I liked the spanish tile roofs and could not find any houses with those on them. After living here two years I now understand why the tin roofs, earthquakes! Oh yes they have them very regularly and no one with half a brain would want anything heavier over their heads.

They do have a way of laying a tile roof over a metal roof that is supposed to be safe. The nicer homes do this now and it is all asthetics. You can peer under the tiles and see the metal roof. It also helps with the noise factor. At Rebekahs house when it rains we cannot watch a movie, or even talk for that matter.

Another good thing about the tin roofs are they are a little less expensive to replace, which is important with all the rain we have when you have to replace often. Our roof is five years old and already in need of being replaced.

Our neighbors tin roof has a loose panel and we are in windy season so we listen to it all night long. Our neighbor has disappeared so we cannot even talk with him about it. We did see the police there the other day, but still no hide nor hair of him. He is one strange bird though to be sure.

He really likes to run around with no clothes on. He is in his twenties and I have decided he is not quite all there. We have had a couple of friends pass his house on their way to our house and see him with the door open walking around in his birthday suit, singing no less.

When it rains he gets his weed eater, puts on his shorts and tennis shoes and cleans up his yard, with the music cranked up and singing at the top of his lungs! Pura Vida!

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