Friday, November 7, 2008


There is nothing like a great day at the pool to relax me and rejuvinate me. It must be the tanorexia that I suffer from! You do have to remember that it pretty much rains every day here, so a couple of hours of sunshine does wonder to dry out all the gills!

The girls are getting braver. Our goal is to get Breyssi to actually put her head under the water and not have a fit. I can see how a parents attitude toward water can affect their children. Rebekah will never forgive me for not putting her in swimming lessons!

Tonight is pizza and movie night at the Inestrozas. We were going to have a garage sale tomorrow night but there is a storm blowing in which means rain all weekend. We will just have to postpone it until next week.

You can sell anything here in Costa Rica. My old washer broke down. Well it still worked, but the neighbors complained about the noise when we used the spinner it was bad! So we bought a real washer and put the old one I had used for two years on the front porch.

I paid sixty thousand colones for this washer, which is about 120.00. I sold it for twenty five thousand or fifty dollar. I told the lady it was broken, and even plugged it in so she could hear it. She still bought it, I was pretty shocked and pleased to get rid of the old clunker. She said something about putting cilantro in it, or something like that, probably not that but who knows?

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