Thursday, November 13, 2008


Another day with no rain, hurrah the rainy season is really over. We have certainly found the trick in surviving the rainy season, go to Nevada and Arizona for the month of October! We got dried out enough to make up for the previous months as well as the couple of weeks after our return.

I have been thinking a lot about goals lately as you can tell by previous blogs. I am thinking if you keep them small it is good. Small successes keep you motivated.

A good example of this is my Tupperware party I had last night here at the house. I do not speak too much Spanish, so did not have a lot of people to invite. I invited a couple of friends and my daughter. When the Tupperware lady arrived she asked me if I had any other friends I could invite to come over. My daughter told her that all of our friends were busy.

It turned out we had a great selling party and I won the big gift! Sounds like kind of a silly thing but that little bit of success made me a little hungry for more. I ran just a little harder this morning, put out a little more on my core workout, and even wrote a new article.

Funny thing how that success feeling works, kind of feeds off of itself for sure! Try it out.

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