Thursday, November 6, 2008


Rick and I went up the hill today to look at a couple of houses with his spanish teacher. It was really pretty up there and the homes were beautiful. It is amazing not only the different geographies you see here in Costa Rica, but also the different neighborhoods.

You can go around the corner, literally and be in a million dollar neighborhood. Down the street are people living on rice and on good days beans.

I used to think we had Costa Rica all figured out because we live in a more moderate neighborhood. My friend set me straight. She made it clear that we live among the rich of Costa Rica. She had been in towns where the people really did not have enough money to ride the bus. They had never been to a mall, much less a movie theatre. And for sure they ate mostly rice, with some beans around payday and a little fruit and vegees thrown in when they could get them.

My dentist told me that it is still common in the farm towns that for your big 50 you go and get all your teeth pulled and get your dentures! Now that is something to look forward to.

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