Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Did I mention that being a grandma is definately the best trickle down blessing of being a parent? I can brag about my grandkids all day and not appear too biased, since I am not their mom after all. Though Maleah in the below picture is mine, so I won't brag about her in this post. Ahlysa the big girl is my oldest granddaughter. She is 6 and in kindergarten. Of course she is the smartest one in her class, and thanks to mom and dad she is also the tallest. The other girls Tara and Makensie are 3 and 2. They are so fun to hang out with that I wish I lived closer. The ones I get to hang out with all the time are the lower pic. Breyssi and Benjamin. Breyssi calls me weird, and Benjamin just laughs at me. We love our grandkids and have a blast with them.

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