Thursday, November 20, 2008


Did you know it is in style now to be frugal. It is a new fad that will probably be around for awhile. In the Arizona Daily Sun they were saying that people are now thinking twice, or three or four times before spending money. When things wear out they look into getting them fixed before replacing them.

That is nothing new here in Costa Rica. There are actually still shoe shops that will repair your shoes, from stitching to putting on a new sole when it wears out. They also have shops that will repair your furniture and clothing. They have Clinics for your Clothes.

The people here are very selective about their clothing. You will see them come out of their house which may be a shack, dressed immaculately. They always press their clothes and you will see little areas they may have mended or hemmed their clothes.

The reason they iron is because most people here do not use driers. When you hang your clothes on the line they tend to be a little wrinkled. We have not had a drier since we moved here, and use our iron once in awhile. We are definately gringos!

Part of what prompted us to move to Costa Rica was the frugal enviroment. I love getting a deal and recycling. Here we put our old clothes out on top of our trash on trash day and it will be gone within a couple of hours. Nothing sits for long. That even goes for things you don't want to go!

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