Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Biggest Loser Night

Every Tuesday night is reserved for the "Biggest Loser". I swore after last season that I would not get sucked into the drama again, but alas here I am following again. The reason I swore off of it last time was because the lady who won so obviously cheated I could not stand it. It is kind of like bike racing, you know they are all doping, and the winner is the one who can dope without getting caught.

Of course with the Biggest Loser I don't think they even have rules against drugging. If you have spent as much time studying physical fitness as I have you would know that they are using something to lose that much weight that fast. It is not healthy and I am sure most of them gain a certain percent back. I do notice we have not seen Helen on any follow up commercials or anything.

Now I am thinking to myself that whoever I like the least will probably win. Which means the girl Tracy will probably win. They have set her up to be the girl everyone hates, so irgo that means she will probably win. What a shame.


Anonymous said...

i love the biggest Loser! even my kids are watching this one!

HealthyMom said...

I like watching that show it gives me motivation.
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