Friday, October 30, 2009

Crazy Kids

I know I am a very conservative person, but somehow that does not just "rub off" on your children. In fact you are very lucky if you can teach that one to children these days.

Last night my two daughters 15 and 25 went to the work party, at the bar. Things got a little crazy and they had a wild time, to say the least. The biggest problem is the very beautiful 15 yr. old, and the fact that she is a gringa makes her even more desirable. My older daughter was wishing she had brought a bat to the party. In fact maybe that is what byob meant?

At any rate also got a call from the prodigal son, the inmate in coconino county. He always brightens my day and makes me laugh. This call was no exception. Seems he decided it was finally time to cut off the Sampson locks. The problem of course is they do not allow scissors in jail, duh and so he just hauled out the little handy dandy nail clippers. Of course what else would you use in that situation? The problem came when they broke by the time he got to the back. Mullet boy is his name now.

I still have not heard from the crazy 21 yr. old in the middle of the Hondurus mess with his brother-in-law, no telling about him. They barely made it out of the country without being arrested. Good thing they were headed out of the country when they got pulled off the bus and threatened. Sometimes the immigration police just slay me here. Not the brightest bulbs in the bunch to say the least.

And there is still Halloween tomorrow! No telling what that will bring.

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