Monday, October 5, 2009


We finally got some rain today! That was after spending the day with zero water pressure. We did receive a note from ICE the corporation that owns all phone, water, electric and who knows what else for the whole country of Costa Rica. They told us that we are 35% low on water for this time of year and we would start rationing soon!

When we moved to Costa Rica from Arizona a big reason was to be near water. Now we are running low on water. All we can hope for is that this will be the wettest October in history. Although we just saw on the news this rain is actually just a front blowing through and not actual rainy season rains. What that means is it will not last as long or be as hard as seasonal rains.

On my morning run this morning it was sooo hot I felt like I was running my marathon again. I mean to say it was freakin hot. I almost stopped because I realized that I did not have to do this. I am not training for anything, I was not racing, in other words there was no reason to be out there suffering so.

I have headed back to the gym and had forgotten how much easier spinning and lifting are. But nothing burns the calories like running, or gives you that runners high!

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