Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I love giving massages, especially in the rain. My client today scheduled his massage in the afternoon and it was so nice and tranquillo! The rain was falling gently and he was in lots of pain, but it was good pain. Pain in the rain hey that is a new niche!

Thank goodness for the rain as well as the clients I have here. They are both blessings and keep us from starving!

When I sold my massage business in the U.S. I really did not think I would be doing massage here in Costa Rica. I really just thought I would teach and be retired. The problem, like other retirees I meet is that I miss working on people.

I miss the fullfillment that comes from relieving them of a little bit of pain and suffering. Life is full enough of pain and suffering that we can do nothing about. We should take the things we can change and manipulate them so that they are not on our pain and suffering list anymore! Massage does that for sure, takes control of your body, brings you awareness right back into the body and helps you take control of your body. Awareness is the first step in feeling good and massage helps you get in touch with the old body we spend so much time trying to check out of.

So what are you waiting for go out and get a massage!

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