Thursday, October 22, 2009

Never Ends

Since returning from Nicaragua for our 90 day leave, we have not stopped. We have a class to prepare for, as well as just generally putting the house back together. You know you leave a 21 yr. old alone with a little dog, and you never know what you will come home to. Actually he, the 21 yr. old, was trying to clean up. We just arrived before he expected us to and he was in the "pile" phase of cleaning. So we spent the day finishing that up.

Of course we are also in the middle of preparing for class in ten days, so that means more mess of course. Our little classroom needs to be walled in and readied for our students. That is the fun part of course.

We spend six weeks teaching and the rest of the time prepping. It is fun though and we are always excited to welcome and show new students around Costa Rica, as well as massage.

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