Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sanctity for Life

Fifteen years ago I was working for Birthrite. It was a crisis pg. center and I really enjoyed my time working as a volunteer there. While working there I had to do training to be able to council the women and girls that came into the clinic for free pg. tests. I learned a lot in that training that is becoming more apparent to me lately.

The main thing we learned was about something called the "slippery slope". This was in reference to sanctity for life. There was a chart that showed how the slope quickly declined with the introduction of the birth control pill. That quickly sloped into abortion, now we have the morning after pill, and an attitude about whole populations that is alarming.

Today in Yahoo news there was an article about at risk prisoners getting h1n1 shots. People were up at arms that "this population" should receive any shots at all. Now don't get me wrong I have already told my son not to take the shot, so have no interest at all in my "inmate" receiving one. My shock here is that people could be so callous as to voice their belief that these at risk individuals should be denied any medical attention, just because they are in jail.

That is not the only group that seems to be singled out by the population at large. There are of course the "illegal aliens, fetuses, inmates, and hippies (I just threw that last one in there :) Anyway it is scary to see that people will single these whole groups of people out to be denied health benefits, help, or even life. Do you see that people are very hardened in this? It is very Nazi Germany to me and very alarming. We need to wake up and realize that a person is a person no matter what!

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