Thursday, October 1, 2009


I have mentioned how much I love shopping, online only! I have discovered so many great deals online. Now I have a new problem to shop for. A couple of weeks ago my watch broke. Not my watch, my watch band. As you can see the watch is great, works like a charm and no problema. If I lived in the U.S. that would be no problem, but here is the problem.

In Costa Rica they do not manufacture anything, at least anything useful. They do manufacture coffee and baseballs. Other than that not much. So in order for anyone here to get anything, such as childrens clothing, electronics and vitamins you must have it imported. We use a mail company that mails our items for us. The charge for this convenience? For any electronic, including watches, it is 50% of the value of the item!

If I pay $500.00 for a watch I will pay $250.00 to ship it. That goes to customs i.e. the government. They rake their own people. You can just buy it here, but they jack up the price because they had to pay the customs tax also. That is really taking care of your people ha?

So back to the fun of shopping. When I was searching for watch bands and watches I found lots I liked. Now there are some fancy watches and I unfortunately for my budget found some in the Carribbean line over at Michele watches that were way cool! Actually I was thinking that at my age it is about time for me to finally have a "pretty" watch and maybe I am just a little old for the bulky, black sports watch anyway.(Hint, hint to Hubby who may read this sometime!)

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