Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Health Food

In bygone years I have been a health foodie as well as a junk foodie! For the first 13 years of our married life I did not eat any meat for five and then only white meat for the next seven. We also did not eat sugar. No refined sugar, zip, nada nothing. After I had my sixth baby something went haywire and I started eating everything in sight. I mean everything in sight.

The problem with this is of course I started getting fat. So I started working out like a crazy person. I mean I worked out about three hours a day. I was doing triathlons and I almost broke even. I still could not get my weight where I wanted it. Of course the fact that I was stuck in eating for two mode did not help. My excuse is I ate for two for fifteen years due to nursing and being pg. so I just kept it up, not good.

After all these years I have figured out the formula for staying at my ideal weight and I don't even have to work out three hours a day. I do work out one hour a day. I also practice portion control! When I first began trying this out I would take my regular helping and then put half of it back. That worked out well and now I have a good idea of what a portion actually is.

When I became a certified personal trainer it also helped because we had to see what a portion was. Boy oh boy was I way off. In fact I was not eating for two, I was actually eating for three or four people.

I have come full circle and am back to being a health foodie. That mostly because junk food is too expensive in Costa Rica, and just because I feel better when I eat healthy. Maybe by the time I am fifty I will realize my goal of being comfortable enough to work out in my jog bra and running shorts, not quite there yet.

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