Monday, October 12, 2009

Too Much!

Our party began Wed. of last week and finally wrapped up last night. It all began with taking cupcakes to babies school for her birthday celebration. The next day was the big shopping day. Friday night was the time to prep for the big meal on Sat. morning and do all the grocery shopping. Sat. morning was the big cooking day and cake and presents day. That night we went to a cultural activity at the church and they surprised baby with yet another cake! That night was the big sleep over with niece and finally Sun. evening her daddy came and got her and we all crashed out pretty darn early last night.

If this was just #6 I can just imagine #16! When we had all the other six kids living at home they just knew no birthday was going to be that all out. I mean they were lucky if we got the cake and candles and even some presents thrown in. We have always had a fifty dollar limit on birthdays and that really does not buy much these days. We used to have a hundred dollar limit on Christmas but have lowered it to fifty!

I am just glad to have a couple of weeks off before we celebrate "Gotcha Day".

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