Monday, November 16, 2009

Backwards Weather

It did not rain this rainy season in Costa Rica. Now it is dry season and it has rained everyday for the past couple of weeks. I even went to the gym and did a quick spin this morning for fear of getting wet if I went running. Of course it did not rain while I was spinning and the sun was shining when I walked home.

I tried to back workouts off to four a week and started gaining weight very quickly. It is six or nothing. Actually that sounds weird but it is true. If I do not work out six days a week I tend to start packing on the pounds. It does not have to be hard workouts, just some type of workout.

The good part is I love working out. In fact if anything I have to reign myself in when it comes to working out. When I was doing triathlons I loved going for a good two hour run, and a four or five hour bike ride. Here I could cross half the country if I did a bike ride that long.

Of course there is always the option of eating less. Nah.........

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