Monday, November 2, 2009

Healthy Kids

True health is a gift. It is probably the greatest gift as well as responsibility we as parents have to pass on to our children. Our children will develop their eating habits as well as likes and dislikes in their formative years, under our care. We can determine whether they are junk food junkies or gourmet lovers.

When our kids were young we were very strict about our diets. We went from vegetarians, to eating some fish and chicken occasionally. We also kept all refined sugar and sugar products out of our home. I was a little oc about this, but that is really the only way to keep on top of that one.

As the kids got older, and I got tired of fighting we let little junks creep in, until they totally took over. When most of the kids were teens we had pretty much adopted a SAD or standard american diet.

Now it is interesting to watch the kids grow up and raise their own kids. None of my over 21 kids drink soda, or eat junk food. They are all getting through their "trying everything" phase and going back to the way they were raised. My 23 yr. old was laughing the other day on the phone about not being allowed to go trick or treating. He at the moment was dressed up and ready to go to his work party.

All of my older children work out and try really hard to stay healthy. I look at them and it makes me feel that we must have done something right. Now if I can get the 21 and 15 yr. old to give up the energy drinks and sodas that will be real process.

The really cool thing is the baby does not like sweets. She loves candy, but we never buy that. She does not like cakes, cookies or ice cream. I don't know why, but it makes it much easier to get her to eat healthy. Right at the moment she is eating popcorn and drinking her special milk. She gets her raw milk boiled with a little honey and cinnamon in it to make it more digestible for her. Next to boiled eggs this is her favorite snack!

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