Monday, November 23, 2009

Tis the Season

I love the Holidays. It all starts with Thanksgiving, a wonderful time to count our blessings and feel really thankful for everything we have been blessed with. Then it just gets better because we get the opportunity to share what we have with others. Don't you just love that? How could you show your Thanks more than by sharing?

I am always looking for ways to help, even if it is miniscule, I still like to give a little. In the other life I would take the kids down to Mexico the day after Christmas and stay for 10 days building a house for a needy family. It was awesome.

Since we moved here we have not been able to share as much, mostly because of not finding the people, but also because we have not had much to give.

Today I found this great organization Kiva that gives micro loans to enterprising folks in countries all over the world who want to start their own business. The best part is you only have to loan $25.00. You eventually get that back and can turn around and loan it again and again! The coolest idea I have ever heard. I signed up today and plan to make a couple of loans over the holidays.

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