Sunday, November 22, 2009

Christmas Ideas

When you talk to baby you may be surprised when she starts telling you that her sister is a pig, or that her brother is a dragon, or her and her dad are goats. The deal is she knows everyone in the family (and that is a lot of people) Chinese zodiac signs. We have a great book about it and she has memorized everyone's signs. We even bought Dad a shadow box for Christmas last year with all the animals in it.

I have been wanting a "mothers braclett". Because I do massage I do not wear rings too much, because I lose them every time that I take them off. So therefore I decided a charm braclett as a mothers braclett. The deal is I want all the Chinese zodiac animals for my kids on it instead of the stones. The reason I don't want stones is that I have three kids born in Jan. that would be three red stones. One born in July, another red stone, and two born in Oct. In other words not a whole lot of variety on the whole stone thing.

When I was doing some searching for Christmas gifts I found the perfect gift for me :) I found Chinese zodiac bracletts at John Hardy, a jewelery sight. They have some really cute baby bracletts also with the Chinese zodiac signs on them. I may just have to buy baby one of the cute little baby goat bracletts, she would love it!

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David Firepig said...

great ideas, thanks a bun