Friday, November 13, 2009

Safe Kids

Tonight I am thankful that all my kids are safe and sound for the moment. Yesterday I could not say that, so today I say it with joy. It is hard to believe when the kiddos are young and you can actually do something to keep them safe that one day you will not be able to do a darn thing in the world to keep them safe except to pray like crazy.

I once read in a book that mothers prayers go straight to heaven, like before all others. It has been my experience that this is true. I have had some pretty intense periods of prayer for my children. From not knowing where they are at all for days at a time, to knowing they really are in trouble.

I am reminded of a time my son just disappeared. He got angry at a party with friends and stormed out of the house. He turned up three days later at a truck stop in Chicago. He had gone out to hitch hike to Florida because it was warm there, and woke up in Chicago. He had a great friend who actually went there and picked him up. Oh yeah and he missed his sisters wedding in the meantime.

My daughter taking both kids on a 19 hr. bus trip to travel across Central America to visit their other grand parents. The bus got a flat and they got home about two thirty this morning, another good chance to hit the knees!

A son that decided to go check out a job in a really shady part of CR, being Jaco, the slimiest beach town around. He was gone for three days and returned today, safe and sound and determined that no job is worth selling your soul for!

As a mom all I can do is pray like crazy and know that my prayers are getting there faster than anyone elses!!

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