Friday, November 6, 2009

Family Movie Night

Woo hoo! Movie night! We usually try and have at least one movie night a month, more if we can get together. Tonight was ordained a movie night and now the trick? Trying to find a movie everyone likes. Usually we end up with an animated one, like we really liked the Ice Age movies. The last couple were the Monster Versus Aliens ones, they are really cute.

As far as family movies that would appeal to kids aged 6 to 21, now that is a little tricky. Usually like I said we end up with an animated one. Though some of the cute ones like Daddy Day Care and the one about the Dad using his kids blanket with Eddie Murphey were pretty cute.

And of course part of the fun of movie night is the food. Usually popcorn, but occasionally we will break down and have ice cream. I don't eat ice cream though, so Hubby does not like to do ice cream. I think I ate too much ice cream as a teen and have sworn off it! Now if you talk cookies, I am all over that!

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