Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

I love Thanksgiving! It is my favorite holiday of all. Mostly because I am a pretty grateful person on the whole, but also because it is close to my birthday :) That counts for lots.

This year I am especially grateful for my family and friends. Our family has been extremely blessed with excellent health, happiness and joy this year. Even Micah has received a few blessings along the way.

Just going running this morning in the beautiful green place that we are blessed enough to call home. Making it home from the store before the rain hit. Being healthy enough to walk and not have to have a car.

Having a son who is celebrating two and a half years sober, and is happier and healthier than 10 years past. A daughter who has found a great way to realize her dream of being a nurse, even though she has to work and struggle to get there. For a son that finally launched his web site and is sharing his beautiful art work with the world. Another son that has made Costa Rica home and is being invaluable in the growth of our massage school here. For a son that calls Coconino County Jail home, and still laughs and cracks jokes with me when we get to talk three times a week on the phone. A daughter that has finally discovered the joy of reading and is making quick work of the big stack of books we bought at the used book sale. For a baby that was able to survive a whole year of pre-kinder, and the anxiety that finally maxed out her tummy, but still smiled and struggled through. Even though she did not understand much of what was said.

And last but the most, a husband who has learned to accept living without the security of the P.O. and still smiles and makes the best of life.

With that list I can never complain now can I? Life is good!

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