Monday, November 30, 2009

Teenagers Augh!!!!

There are many, many things to love about teenagers. It just so happens that at the moment I cannot think of any of them. Mmmmm, o.k. they come up with really funny pictures like the above, but that is it for today.

Several weeks ago I had a talk with my teen and we made it very clear that there would be three hours of school work done every day. Well that lasted about two weeks and here we are again, sleeping in, getting up whenever and then swimming or running and hanging out with friends. I am all for "unschooling" but there needs to be something going on upstairs for her to even develop the capacity to think!

Now she is very angry because she wants to go on a date with a boy she met on the internet. Now she is very clear that it is not a date because she is paying her own way, so that makes it o.k. to go alone with this boy and hang out.

We have a policy that the kids don't date until they are 16. With the boys you don't have to worry, they can't drive until they are 16 and are not into picking up girls on bikes. With the girlies that is a little tougher to enforce. Especially when the 16th birthday is exactly one month away. What a mean mom I am ha?

I guess her 21 yr. old brother will be going to hang out with them tomorrow afternoon, woo hoo!

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