Saturday, March 13, 2010

Bonking Again

Today was a beautiful, very hot day for a hard hike up to Monte De La Cruz. I went up an hour and almost made it to the turn off for the rec center. It was beautiful and cooler once I got some altitude. I get my trail running staying off the road in the grass and the gravel by the side of the road. I am even getting the running down part down.

The problem is my memory. Why I forgot that I need water for a two hour run, and some gatorade would have been nice. I have got to remember to fuel. I get to thinking I am immortal or something and don't need to take care of myself. I also should go out earlier when it is so darn hot. I think it got up to 85 this morning, with lots of humidity. We are starting to pick up on the humidity in preparation for rainy season.

I am also learning how to hike. It is amazing how different your muscles have to work to hike uphill than running. I found I use my feet and push off, which I don't do when I run. When I run I do the marathon shuffle and when I hike I am using my legs more, with more motion. I only came close to tripping over my feet once on the downhill, close call! Good times, good times!

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