Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy Saint Patty's Day

When the kids were all young we really did St. Patty's day. I mean the green oatmeal and the whole enchilada. The kids loved it and I enjoyed celebrating some part of my heritage. I am (are you ready for this?) French, Scotch, Irish, English. I think that would be all of it. Anyway so we will be doing tacos for dinner. You did read that I said we celebrated when the kids were young right?

The Inestroza family will be celebrating in Pinas Blancas, a little border town just this side of Nica. Yeah unfortunately they did not quite make it to Hondurus yet. Seems CR protects it's children, even from their own parents. You cannot take a child out of CR without written permission from his parents. Oh yeah you heard that right, even if the child is leaving with both parents. Oh yeah you heard right, even if he is also a U.S. citizen. Big wake up call about what is going on here in the way of big brother. I had to call the embassy here to make sure the kids had not misunderstood this, yeah they were right.

It would have helped if my daughter had not blown a gasket, but now remember. They went and visited Hondurus a couple of months ago. Did they get stopped? NO! Did they get questioned about said papers? NO! In other words this lady was having a lousy day, My son-in-law, bless his heart, had to go back and grovel four times just to prevent them having to go all the way back to liberia to get the paper. She was "kind" enough to allow the lady that works there on the border,,imagine that... come and sign them off. Of course in the meantime the bus had left and they had to pay ten bucks each to change their tickets to tomorrow. Plus thirty bucks for a little cabina, no air, no tv. no nada!

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