Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Another day in paradise! I just love days that I get to work for my three hour shift, teaching something I love, ITband and planta faciaitis to be exact. Then off the to the pool to swim for an hour, then home to make my favorite all time meal. Bean tacos!

In working on the IT band today as well as the plantar faciatis I discovered a great link. It is called Ktape. It is really cool tape that you can buy to tape yourself all up and help you feel better. I have always used tape, just any ole tape I have laying around usually. These ones are actually made to stick and unlike duct tape don't take your skin and hair off when you remove them. Now that is a real plus in my book.

They even showed a great tape trick for the low back. I may have to buy some of their handy dandy tape and forgo the torture of trying to remove packing tape from my IT band. During one marathon I was so desperate I tied two latex gloves together from the aid station and wrapped my IT band. I was able to finish the marathon and did not suffer the rest of the race.

Tomorrow will be a bright sunny morning run and three hours of sciatica, and frozen shoulder! Doesn't get any better than that.

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Rebekah Inestroza said...

oh but you did suffer didn´t you LOL The drill sergent next to you made sure that you did not enjoy the rest of the race hahha fun times fun times! Funny that all the races we do together we end up wanting to kill each other during them yet our long runs are extremely enjoyable.