Saturday, March 27, 2010

Found Puppy and Perfect Days

This guy was keeping an eye on things as our student did massages on the beach this week. He was pretty diligent. I was a little worried he would fall on her or her client, that would be quite a shock to be sure.

Here you have the future surf champion of Costa Rica. I tell you this girl has no fear of the ocean. She was out with me and our student and now she holds her nose and even goes under the waves. Like when they have already broken she is into diving under. She even just hung on the back of our student and they did all kinds of crazy things. I almost freaked out, but stayed calm!

And the best news? We found puppy. Turns out she was doing a sleep over with the bitch next door. You know of course that I mean that literally? Anyway made my day to wake up to puppy coming home and a great 12 mile hike up to Tirol. It was beautiful. Can you beat that? Spend two days hanging at the beach and then up to the mountains today to hike in the pine trees.

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